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"The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

enchantedskiesSep. 24th, 2006 10:27 am Moonlight and Ghost's conversation 1

Ghost (10:10:02 AM): you know...we could take over the world with clams
Moonlight (10:10:34 AM): we could
Moonlight (10:10:40 AM): My clams and your dust bunnies
Moonlight (10:10:46 AM): its the perfect pairings.
Ghost (10:11:00 AM): seriously, now all we need is aviation
Moonlight (10:11:21 AM): lol.
Moonlight (10:11:30 AM): hmm.. humming birds?
Ghost (10:11:42 AM): lol, the fearsome humming birds!
Moonlight (10:12:32 AM): lol. ^_~
Moonlight (10:12:49 AM): who woulda thought dust bunnies and clams would be fearsome either. ^_~
Ghost (10:13:54 AM): lol, buuut its evil dust bunnies annnnd clams are scary, like lobsters, they look all slow and crap then WHAM! they jump at you in attack mode
Moonlight (10:14:34 AM): lol. true true.
Moonlight (10:14:54 AM): but no one would ever expect an attack from humming birds
Ghost (10:15:32 AM): good point, quite cunning now that you think of it
Moonlight (10:15:37 AM): yes.
Moonlight (10:15:59 AM): and humming birds feel under appreciated too. no one knows their true power cept us.
Moonlight (10:16:09 AM): plus we can bribe them with nectar.
Ghost (10:19:52 AM): lol too true, too true indeed. so if we keep favor with the humming birds we're set, and with how fast their little wings move we can use them for recon
Moonlight (10:21:18 AM): and yes. they are quick little guys, theyd be perfect for aerial.
Moonlight (10:21:26 AM): People wouldnt expect them to take over.
Ghost (10:22:53 AM): muahahaha! we'll show them...we'll show them all >.>
Moonlight (10:23:22 AM): we will! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE CLAMS AND THE HUMMINGBIRDS! no one underestimates the dustbunnies.
Ghost (10:24:08 AM): hehehe, yes...hahahahah...yes! BWAHAHAHAHAAHA YES!!!
Moonlight (10:24:23 AM): ^_^

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enchantedskiesMay. 31st, 2005 06:50 pm Moonlight Talks 2

On Chase:
1900 hours

Hmm.. C-Tow hasn't been up to much lately. We finished the base here on Chase. The ants were amazing but pretty slow since the techs still dont have all the problems worked out. Those lazy bunnies are gone. Some of the other minions are getting impatient.. but they are holding up fairly well.

This island is great. theres a waterfall. And those ants built the base right next to it. The planning room has this HUGE window that shows the scene. Very nifty. The Ghost has just been commanding everyone to work on the base. I think shes happy that its finished. We have a dock. And we have our own little landing pad. Looking back at the island from a boat, the base is almost unnoticable. thats for the best. We dont have to deal with some tourists.

Phone call. i gotta answer that. it's prolly the Ghost.
Always and forever,

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kvodayMay. 18th, 2005 05:36 pm The Ghost Chronicles ~2

#%Entry 2% Island of Chad#
#1100 hours#

Well since my last entry things have picked up. The only sad part was there were only 7 useful dustbunnies who could stay on Chad, the other 93 are now in 3 tiny boats heading towards Antarctica. My life has been made a lot more easier, not that it's that easy now...

...::interrupted....2minutes later::...

I need you over here, I need to go over some plans for taking over this next island. Please come as soon as you can sugar.
Always and forever,

.....That...that women! How many times must I tell her to call me THE SURPREME LADY, ALMIGHTY GHOST, or at least Ghost, I mean, come on! I'm trying to run a organization here...she's lucky she's known me for so long ::sigh:: there's nothing that I can do about it now. I'll go as soon as I post the message around the base that the 7 evil dust bunnies new names are Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy.
I'll be back later,

...::Later that day::...
#Newest Unnamed Island in the Pacific Ocean#
#1800 hours#

Hi, I just got done with my meeting with Moony, a.k.a. Moonlight, anyway we decided that this will be C-TOW's 2nd pacific base. It's quite a nice island acutally, there's even a water fall, not to mention that there are tons of resources here, Moony did a good job picking this one out, but then again, she IS my strategy advisor for a reason.

Tomorrow we will begin plans to take over this island, Moony sugested naming it Chase, I see no reason not to so might as well. ^_^ Heh, with those Lazy-bum bunnies out of the way things are clearly picking up. Speaking about "picking up" I need to talk to my Technological Advisor about the Giant Ant Robots (G.A.R.), they have, for lack of a better term, a few bugs in them. They almost destroyed Luner Dock on Chad completely while moving some materials, thankfully luck was on our side for a little bit.

Besides that nothing truely exciting for someone taking over the world happened.
My you like to see the next entry,
Ghost the Magnificent

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enchantedskiesMay. 18th, 2005 02:30 pm Moonlight Talks 1

On the Newest Currently Unamed Island:
1440 hrs

Today was a horrible day. C-Tow at its worst! Those dust bunnies are too lazy! We were going to take over the island next to us. I doubt that it has a name either. Even if it did, we would have The Ghost rename it. Prove that it is now part of C-Tow. But.. those dust bunnies..

They were supposed to help draw up plans, they were supposed to scout the island. Did they? no. Those lazy creatures. i'm surprised that they even helped take over Chad. Chad... *sigh* It didnt go as well as it should have, taking over Chad. The Ghost called all her advisors into a room in her attic.. it was cramped. I'm glad we took over the island. There is now a lot of hightec equipment, lots of room, and an actual "war room" i guess thats what it's called. We need to move forward with ourplans to take over the island next door. I would like to name it. I'm thinking Chase would be a good name. It's up to the Ghost though. We will see..

I bet you are all wondering who i am. I am the first advisor, prime strategist, Moonlight! yes, it is not as scary a name as ghost. but u will remember it. I will make you remember it.

Now, im going to talk about taking over the island. NEVER leave scouting in the hands of dust minions. They missed EVERYTHING! We brought all the wrong weapons, didnt notice the natives, and almost failed. We arrived here to an army of natives. All with bigger, more advanced weapons than ours. The dust bunnies said that there was no one here. *sigh* We pushed toward the center of the island. and then.. our almighty ghost arrived. She.. well, she made sure that there was no resistance. ^_^

^_^ As i said, we almost failed. Right now, I'm sitting on this unnamed island, which i want to name Chase, waiting for the Almighty Ghost, and all the robot ant builders who are going to make a second base here.

The natives... well, they joined our cause very fast. if not.. they were sent out in a little boat.. to antartica, and the dust bunnies.
Always and forever,

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kvodayMay. 15th, 2005 10:10 pm The Ghost Chronicles ~1

#%Entry 1% Currently Unnamed Island in Pacific Ocean#
#2200 hours#

Today was a fairly good day, I woke up, fed the evil dust bunnies, and held a meeting with the high ranking officals of C-TOW. The reason why I say it was only fairly good is because C-TOW has been offically "up and running" and all we have managed to capture is this small island, which I don't even think HAS a name. Oh well, I guess I'll call it Chad, yep Chad, Chad's a good name for an island hosting an organization planning world domination don't you think?

Anyways, its starting to irk me how slow our plans are progressing, I think I'll have a talk with "The Leaders" tomorrow about it. It's a shame really, back in the good ol' days minions were more then happy to do ANYTHING you wanted to just to keep you happy, now, pretty much nothing less of hidden threats and glares gets anything done. A real shame really.

You're probably wondering who the hell am I, well, I'm "The All Mighty Surpreme Master Ghost, Controller of Darkness and Ruler of the Evil Dust Bunnies" or Ghost, but most people call me the first one or "Almighty Ghost" since they don't have my permission to call me just Ghost. In fact, pretty much only "The Leaders" can call me Ghost.

Well, let me get back on subject, the reason why today was only fairly good...

Basicly I'm just upset that our plans are moving so slowly. I mean, the evil dust bunnies are really lazy, and they're gaining some "extra baggage" if you know what I mean. Low level henchmen are NOT suppose to have the LUXERY to be LAZY! It's just wrong.... I believe I'll ship them off to Antarctica with the resisters...they like the cold and I'll give them the bogus job of watching them. Yeah that'll work, and I keep the actually useful bunnies here, they can train the Natives to be my henchmen, because there is NO way the Natives shall stay on Chad and not do anything...anyways...it's not like they'll disagree...

Well, that brightened my mood since I now solved some problems in fact I'll set the plans out right now...

...::5 minutes later::...

While I was setting out the plans I came upon a discovery, we cannot keep on calling the people of Chad, Natives....hmm...I got it! Chadians, MUAHAHA now they are offically part of C-Tow, well that's about it for today.
Till next time,
~the Almighty Ghost

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